1: The BGO Opens a Bookstore?

bgo casinoIt was the strangest thing to see a bookstore within a casino. I had never in my life seen such a thing, but I guess there is a first time for everything. The BGO Casino, which was the local casino we had in our small town, was opening a book store right inside the casino. The owner of the casino, Martin Wood, was an established author so it looked as if he was trying to double his profits. It was a strange pairing, but seemed like a smart idea given Martin Wood’s background. This was the first casino he owned that I knew of, but I knew that he had self-published about ten books. Surely he would be selling all of his own books within this bookstore to be placed inside his casino. The BGO Casino would likely be the first casino of its kind and it would definitely draw a different kind of crowd than the normal casino. I was intrigued to see how the bookstore would change the atmosphere of the casino.

I went to the casino the day the bookstore opened and I had the opportunity to meet Martin Wood himself as he was doing a book signing to supplement the opening of his bookstore. I waited for the crowd to die down so I could have a decent conversation with him as I was curious to know more about his business model. After about 30 people had received their signing and left, I had the chance to sit down with him. I was direct with him and I told him I was curious about why he was adding a bookstore to his casino. I asked him if he thought the BGO Casino was the first of its kind having a bookstore inside. He told me that he sure hoped it was as it would be fantastic to know he was the first casino owner to pair these two ideas into one facility. Martin was not naïve to the fact that everyone knew he was going to be selling every last one of the books he has self-published in his writing career. He was straightforward with that and I did not even need to ask him. He looked at me with a smile and went on to describe how difficult it was to sell books when you do not have a huge publishing firm supporting the books. After trying to brainstorm ideas to more efficiently advertise his books, he told me he realized the BGO Casino was the perfect opportunity. The BGO Casino was actually passed down to him from a family member, and he just needed to find a new location. The old building the casino use to be located in was extremely old and he wanted to give the casino’s look a face lift. He told me once the new location had been chosen; he would specify a section that would be solely a bookstore. I thought it was a clever idea and I applauded Martin on his business savvy.

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