2: The New Kind of Casino Crowd

The opening of the bookstore inside the BGO Casino attracted a whole new type of crowd. It was definitely a more sophisticated crowd than one would usually see at a casino. I know it had a lot to do with Martin Wood’s new bookstore he strategically placed within the casino. On the other hand, the casino was located within a small town and this was certainly not a college town. The casino naturally received a more mature audience for its regular customers so the addition of the bookstore actually seemed like a natural fit for this casino. The casino had one bar and it had the boutique style bookstore right beside it. It was not uncommon to see some of the BGO’s customers reading a mystery novel and 30 minutes later celebrating at the poker table. I personally ventured into the bookstore everytime I visited to see what kind of books Martin had stocked on the shelves. I saw a variety of book genres including non-fiction, romance, mystery, thrillers, and even a book about the game of cricket. Even though the bookstore was not huge, it efficiently organized its style of books. It made shopping for books at the BGO Casino extremely easy. There was even a section in the bookstore labeled books by Martin Wood. Honestly, I would have done the exact same thing if I was the one running the casino. The efficiency Martin had at his bookstore would make some bookstores and libraries envious. He definitely had everything running smoothly and I was impressed after the first few months of being open. Martin had a knack aCasinos a business owner and I suggested to him the idea of expanding this type of casino to other locations.

The vibe inside the rest of the BGO Casino was a lot different than most casinos. The crowd was laid back no matter if people were winning big or losing big. There were rarely ever any younger crowds to come into the casino. It was almost always middle-aged to older adults and the mix was pretty even between male and female. Martin always played jazz, R&B, or soft rock to set the mood for his customers. The music was never blasting like most casinos would do the entire time they were open. When the music was not playing, it seemed like everyone could hear crickets chirping. I had no issues with the vibe of the audience as I was getting tired of the party non-stop crowd I was use to hanging out with. The BGO Casino was truly a one of a kind casino that would appeal to an older and more sophisticated audience. Martin had something special brewing here and I was excited to see what his next idea was going to be. Over the past several months of the casino being open, I became good friends with Martin as I would frequently see him overseeing the daily operations. I constantly told him what a fantastic place the BGO Casino was and that I thought it was going to do special things.

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