3: The Future of the BGO Casino

I was ecstatic when Martin informed me that he found a new location for a second BGO Casino. He told me that my persistence in the suggestion was the key inspiration behind his decision to expand and open a second location. In addition, Martin told me that he was including a simple online store where his customers could pre-order casino supplies, tokens to use for the slots, and books available within the bookstore. These items available online could be purchased pre-advance of thBGO Casinoe customer’s visit to any of the current or future locations to make things more convenient for everyone. The customer could walk right into the casino and redeem purchases for the casino at an automated teller. There would be no need to wait in line to register or go through packages with a front desk employee. The customer could walk right in, go to the automated teller, and begin playing. For the bookstore, they could browse through the collection of books available at the store and order the book online. They would have the option to pick up the book at the store or for a small shipping fee they could have the book shipped to them at home. Martin told me the idea was to make things easier and more convenient for everyone, and it was a way for BGO Casino to generate profit without necessarily needing the customers to be at a physical location. Martin joked around with me and even mentioned that the book about cricket that I had been eyeing could be purchased online now. I asked him if he even knew anything about the game of cricket. He simply responded that he did not and he only had the book at his store since a close friend of his wrote it. He told me he would always have at least one copy of the book available at his store for his friend. That goes to show the kind of person Martin Wood was and I had a lot of respect for him. I wished Martin the biggest success with the BGO Casino and anything that he wished to do with this business venture. He became a close, personal friend of mine and his casino was now one of my favorite hangout spots.

I scrolled through the online store of the BGO Casino and I made a purchase of tokens to use at the slot machines. There was nothing fancy about the website, but it was straight to the point of what the customers needed. I intended on using my tokens at the new location that was opening soon. I was curious of how the second location was going to turn out in comparison to the first so I planned on going to the opening. I purchased one of the smaller packages as I did not plan on doing a lot of slot playing. I was more focused on evaluating the atmosphere of the location to let Martin know what I saw. While I was on the online store, I bought the book about cricket just so I could bust his chops later. I would pick up the book at the grand opening of the second BGO Casino location.

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